Selection Process and Other Dates Timeline

NJHS Selection Process and Other Dates Timeline


At the end of the second marking period in 7th grade, all students who meet the scholarship eligibility requirement will be given an application packet.  Please make sure that all directions are follwed and deadlines are met, otherwise the application may not be  accepted.  The NJHS Faculty Committee reviews the applications in March and determines who has met the requirements to be  inducted.  Each nominee is given an ID number, so that the committee does not know the name of the applicant.  The NJHS Adviser and School Administration are not part of the selection committee.  The Adviser acts as the secretary/keeper of records for the committee and selection process. 


Any 8th grade student who did not meet the criteria in 7th grade and wishes to reapply, must submit in writing a letter to the NJHS Adviser within 1 week of receiving the second marking period report card to determine if they meet the scholarship requirement.  They will need a 95.001% cumulative GPA from 5th grade on to present to receive an application packet.


Applicants are notified in March about their status.

All current members must have earned 10 NCS in school points for their NJHS cord. If not, they will have to see the NJHS Adviser to determine what they can do to earn the cord.



The induction dinner for eligible nominees and 2 parents/guardians is held in April or early May, and is sponsored by BRAYCES. 



Membes in good standing in 8th grade, recieve a NJHS cord to wear with their cap and gown.  They are also recognized in the Promotion Ceremony Program.


Throughout the Year:

Once inducted, members may start to earn points to earn their NJHS cord to wear at the 8th grade promotion ceremony.  Members must earn 10 NCS in school points by March 1st of their 8th grade year to earn their NJHS cord.  They earn points by participating in meetings, NJHS events, and assisting with school events as needed.  Outside volunteer points are added to the member's point total.  The member with the highest point total in March, is selected to go to the induction dinner to assist with the induction of new members.  Outside volunteer points must be submitted to the NJHS Adviser within 30 days of completing the activity. (Summer work has to be turned in by 9/15).  A certificate or letter from the group which the member volunteered is considered proof of service.