• School-Age Child Care

    Northfield Community School's School-Age Child Care (SACC) Program is designed to offer child care to families in our district for both before and after the school day. 

    Before Care

    Before Care is available to students registered for the morning half day session of school.

    AM SACC is available Monday-Thursday from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

    Morning SACC students must be signed in at door 15 outside of the boys gym.


    SACC is offered from 11:00-12:00 pm for Middle School Students registered in the AM session.

    SACC is offered from 12:00-1:00 PM for Elementary School Students registered in the PM session. 


    After Care

    After Care is available to the students registered in the afternoon half day session of school.

    PM SACC is available Monday-Thursday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

    Afternoon SACC students must be signed out at door 15 outside of the boys gym.


    Program Registration:

    To register your child for before or after school care, you must register on the SACC online portal. 

    Due to the state guidelines, decreased ratios and limited space available, there is a limit for the amount of students that SACC can accommodate.

    SACC will be available on a first come, first served basis.

    The monthly registration calendar will be available online on the 15th before each month. 

    In order to attend the program, monthly registration schedules are to be submitted online by the 25th of the month before your child attends the program. 

    **All students must be registered online for the SACC program in order to attend before or after school care. There are no drop-ins for the 2020-2021 school year.**



    There is a yearly registration fee of $15 per child. 

    The hourly rate for before and after care is $5.

    Students must be signed up for each hour that they need to attend the program. 

    There is a 50% discount for additional children in each family. 

    There are no refunds or credits of any fees for cancellations, vacations, illness, absences or overpayments. 

    There is a $25 fee per child for anyone who picks up their child late from the program. 

    Late pick ups may result in being discluded from the program. 


    If the school is unable to provide before and after care supervision as a result of staff absences due to contact tracing and quarantining, the program will stop running until further notice.

    2020-2021 SACC Registration 


    Students must sign up for each hour that they need SACC.

    There is a limit of 30 students for the 7-8 am and 8-9 am 

    There is a limit of 20 students for the 11-12 pm and 12-1 pm

    There is a limit of 40 students for the 3-4 pm, 4-5 pm and 5-6 pm

    Online Registration

    If this is your first time using the SACC online portal CLICK HERE to register.

    If you have already created an account for the SACC program you do not need to create another account.

    For the Parent Portal, to register for the 2020-2021 SACC program and to register monthly for SACC please CLICK HERE 


    Directions to register:

    Step 1: You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is approved. **Note: You will not be able to select SACC days until your registration has been approved.**

    Step 2: Log into your Parent Portal account using the username and password that you created at the time of registration.

    CLICK HERE for the parent portal account.

    Step 3: Select your child's SACC days by clicking on the "Attendance" tile that appears on the Parent Portal home page.

    Step 4: After your select your child's SACC days select, "Add to Cart" and you will be able to enter your payment information. 


    **Once your have created your account please login through the parent portal.**


    Please be sure to update your child's grade level 

    Select the "Personal" tab on the home page

    Under each students name click update information

    Use the drop down box next to grade level to select your child's current grade level

    Save at the bottom of the screen


    For more information please contact the Program Coordinator, Alyssa Caramenico by:

    Phone: 609-407-4009

    Email: acaramenico@ncs-nj.org 

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