Parent Portal

  • OnCourse Connect is a safe, secure way to view your child's school record for the current school year.  OnCourse Connect offers parents the opportunity to become more involved in their children's education. This new Parent Portal bridges the parent/teacher gap and increases awareness of a child's development. Parents/Guardians can monitor assignments, attendance, grades, progress and performance - all in real time. This feature is easy to use and secure.  From the Portal, you can access the following features:
    • Your child or children's Marking Period Grades
    • Your child or children's Report Cards
    • Your child or children's daily attendance record
    • Teacher Gradebook assignments and assignment grades for your child or children

    To access the Parent Portal, click here: and log in with the information you have been provided.

    These instructional materials may also be helpful to you:

    • Click here to view a brief overview of the portal from OnCourse. (please note not all same features are available in our deployment.)
    • How to Update Contact Information
      • Once in the portal click on View/Edit Student and Guardian Info under your student's address.
      • On the contact screen you will have the option to add a new guardian/contact at the bottom of the screen or edit any of the current information in the portal (NOTE: Any changes to student or parents current addresses need to be made with proof of residency with the main office, if you submit a change of address, your changes will be denied.) Please be aware changes must be approved by office staff and will not post immediately.

        Contact Change Tutorial

    If you still have questions or problems accessing the system and have followed the Forgotten Password Procedure above, please email the NCS Parent Portal administrator, John Wilson, at Thank you!

    Student Emergency Information