Child Assault Prevention Program - Elementary workshops are one hour classroom workshops facilitated by three CAP facilitators. Using roleplays and guided group discussion, the classroom workshop trains children to recognize potentially dangerous situations, and to make effective use of the options available to them when dealing with such a situation. CAP emphasizes self assertion, peer support and communication with a trusted adult as prevention strategies. CAP approaches the question of assault within the framework of basic human rights.

    Bullying Prevention Program - seeks to mobilize the school to, raise awareness and identify types of bullying and harassment, encourage anti-bully/harassment polices, train adults in appropriate intervention strategies, and improve student communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and other social skills

    The program has received very positive feedback from participating schools. The strongest recommendations come from the children trained in the program – over 150,000 to date. Many of them have shared not only their accounts of victimization but also their stories of bullying others. On more than one occasion, students have resolved to ‘stop hurting others’. With assistance from the school, they received help to begin changing their aggressive behavior.