Department Overview

  • Welcome to the NCS Child Study Team Web Page!

    The mission of the Child Study Team in the Northfield School District is to help students reach their highest academic, social/emotional potential, and set high school, as well as post-secondary college and career goals.  The Child Study Team will collaborate with parents/ guardians, administrators, and all school staff while reaching out to the community to provide a comprehensive support system that meets the varied needs of all students. 


    The Northfield School District is dedicated to providing the best education possible for all its students regardless of their individual differences and unique learning styles. Students identified as in need of special education and related services are given equal access to the quality education provided by the district. This is accomplished through the coordination of our multi-disciplinary child study team that works in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, and support staff to develop goals and implement specially designed instruction that maximizes academic success, recognizes students' potential, and fosters social and emotional development. At times, the special education process can be complicated and frustrating for both parents and educators. Communication and collaboration are key ingredients in providing a successful experience for all our students. Regulations and misunderstandings sometimes complicate matters, but our staff is prepared to do the best they can to address your child’s needs. This website has been developed to provide important information to students, parents, and staff. The hope is for this website to offer you an opportunity to have a resource that is easy to use and improves communication for the benefit of our special needs population.




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  • Cynthia Hegeman
    Supervisor of Special Education
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    Denise Brannan
    Child Study Team Secretary
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