Physical Process @ NCS

  • There are three separate steps in securing clearance for your son or daughter to participate in interscholastic sports for the Northfield Community School. Each step must be completed prior to a student participating or trying out for a sport. Listed below are some tips to help ensure that there are minimal delays in having your son’s or daughter’s physical being approved.

    1. History Form & Supplemental History Form: A new history form needs to be completed for each season (sport) in which your child wishes to participate. Please be sure to complete all questions on the health history form as well as signing and dating where requested. Please explain all “YES” responses.
      • Any references to bone fractures should have a date of when the fracture took place.
      • If you have provided a positive response to questions related to asthma or the use of inhalators, please have the attached Asthma Action Plan form completed.
      • If your child has suffered a concussion, the date of the concussion and a clearance letter must be included to be reviewed by the school physician.

    2. Physical Evaluation Form: An athletic physical is good for up to one year from the last exam. If the last exam is beyond the one year period, a new physical will be required. If you believe that a current (less than one year) is on record with the school, please indicate across the front of this document “a copy is on file with the school” and the physical will be photo copied and submitted to the school physician.

    3. Review and Approval by NCS Physician: The History Form, Supplemental History Form, and the Physical Evaluation Form must be reviewed and cleared by the district’s school physician, including all Asthma Action Plans and releases by attending physicians consulted due to concussions. Please keep in mind that this approval process can take several days.

Physical Due Dates

  • Fall Sports - August 26th
    Basketball - November 4th
    Volleyball - January 13th
    Baseball, Softball, and Track and Field - March 10th

    Physicals can be dropped off at Door #6.

Forms and Documents