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    PreSchool Handbook


    Registration Information

    To apply for the NCS Preschool Program, there are two necessary steps.

    1. Follow the standard new student registration instructions found here
    2. Complete and submit a free and reduced lunch application ENG - ESP


    FAQ: Northfield City School Preschool 

    Q1.  How many seats are available?

    1. There are one hundred fifty (150) total seats available across ten (10) different classrooms. Each classroom has a maximum of fifteen (15) students.  Two (2) classrooms will be in the Northfield City Elementary School and eight (8) classrooms will be at private provider locations.  Those families who already have children in our program as 3-year-old students during the current school year will automatically have seats in their current classrooms as 4-year-old students in the upcoming school year.  As such, the exact number of available seats will not be known until September, so register as early as possible. 

    Q2.  Who is eligible for the program?

    1. The program will be made available to all Northfield families with three and four year old children. Depending on the number of interested families and available seats, there may be a need for a waiting list.

    Q3.  How will it be determined who is accepted into the program?

    1. If necessary, selection for the preschool program will be accomplished through a waiting list. 

    Q4.  When will the families be informed if they are selected for the program?

    1. Families are to be informed of their child's PreSchool location by August of the upcoming school year. An invitation to the orientation meeting for the families in the program will be made available prior to the start of the program.  

    Q5.  When does the program start?

    1. The program will start on the first day of the school year in September, following the Northfield City School District calendar.

    Q6.  What are the certification requirements for the teachers?

    1. Teachers in all ten of the classrooms must possess a standard P-3 teaching certificate, a P-3 certificate of eligibility, or a P-3 certificate of eligibility with advanced standing. Teachers in all ten of the classrooms will receive the same level of professional development and support.

    Q7.  Will there be an assistant for the teacher?

    1. All ten of the classrooms will have at least one certified teacher and one teacher assistant for the full length of the program.

    Q8.  What curriculum will be used for PreSchool?

    1. All ten of the classrooms will be using the Creative Curriculum for instruction. All staff in all ten of the classrooms will be trained in the implementation of this state-approved curriculum.

    Q9.  Do the students have to be “potty” trained to attend the program?

    1. A student will not be excluded from the preschool program if they are not “potty” trained.

    Q10.  How old do the students need to be to be eligible for PreSchool?

    1. PreSchool is being offered to Northfield families with 4-year-old children first and then, depending on availability, to Northfield families with 3-year-old children. Children must be 4-years-old (or 3-years-old, depending on availability) by October 1st of the academic year to be eligible to apply for the program. 

    Q11.  Will the families who are selected have a choice as to where their child will attend Preschool?

    1. Families will be randomly placed in one of the ten classrooms identified for the program and families will not have a choice of where their child will attend.  Their only option would be to not accept the available seat.  The class lists will be created to have a balance of age, gender, and ethnicity.  Student names are unknown during the creation of the class lists.

    Q12.  Is this a full-day PreSchool program?

    1. The PreSchool program in all ten of the classrooms will be a full day program consisting of six (6) hours.

    Q13.  Will the PreSchool be following the District calendar?

    1. All ten of the PreSchool classrooms will follow the Northfield City School District calendar and District Handbook and PreSchool Handbook.

    Q14.  Is the PreSchool program going to cost the district any money?

    1. All expenses associated with this general education preschool program are covered through the Preschool Expansion Aid (PEA) awarded to the Northfield City School District.