Nazi Propaganda
and the Holocaust

Youth Serves the Fuhrer

The text of this 1940 poster reads: "Youth Serves the Führer.
All 10-year-olds into the Hitler Youth." Membership in the Hitler Youth had become mandatory in 1936.
Official U.S. Government
Analysis Worksheet
Hitler Youth
Type your answers in the space provided.
When you are finished print out you report for submission.


1. What is the main theme used in the poster? Is it effective? Why?

2. What symbols if any are used in the poster? Does the symbol send a message?
If so what?

3.What is the focal point of the picture? Explain why.

4. How does the artist get the point of the message across using visual imagery?

5. Who do you think is the intended audience for the poster?
6. What does the Government hope the audience will do?

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